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The CLO & Talent Management Forum's conference program provides senior L&D professionals access to new ideas, solutions and innovations to help take their departments and companies forward. The agenda is pitched at a high level and we present new case studies and new thought leaders each year.

Keynote and seminar sessions give a high-level view of the L&D industry, offering predictions and insights to help delegates form - and implement - strategies. The interactive workshops and discussion groups complement the larger sessions by drilling down into specific issues, allowing delegates to share their collective experiences and to learn how their peers are dealing with similar situations.

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If you would like to participate in the program - or recommend any speakers or topics -  please email Cheryl Fallick or call her at 212-651-8736.

2017 Keynote Address
2017  Keynote Address
  • Cognitive Computing and The Future of Talent Management

    Michael Rogers, Author, Futurist and Investigative Journalist

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Develop an understanding of what cognitive computing is and how it will shape the enterprise over the next decade

    2. Learn how intelligent systems may replace existing jobs, as well as change how we recruit and train workers

    3. Determine how to shape workforce and talent development when many traditional white-collar skills can be automated

    Cognitive computing--the latest and most potent expression of artificial intelligence--will change both the nature of the work and the way we recruit and develop workers. From IBM’s highly-publicized Watson and Google’s DeepMind to less-known players like Narrative Science, dozens of companies are creating cognitive computing platforms. And most are cloud-based, meaning that these powerful thinking tools are accessible to even small organizations and individuals.

    This keynote presentation will explore the challenges facing talent management and training executives as these platforms allow machines greater ability to understand, reason and act upon information. “White collar automation” will change the very nature of work--and force us to identify and define what skills and talents are truly unique to humans.

    About Michael:

    Michael Rogers is an internationally-known futurist, author, speaker and technology pioneer who most recently served as futurist-in-residence for The New York Times. He also writes the popular Practical Futurist column for MSNBC and is a best-selling novelist whose fiction explores the human impact of technology.

    Michael is a different kind of futurist—one who combines real business experience with technology skills. Add to that the keen eye of an award-winning investigative journalist and the storytelling skill of a novelist, and you have The Practical Futurist.

    Michael Rogers also speaks to audiences worldwide and is a regular guest on radio and television, known for his use of stories and humor to create an optimistic and inspirational view of future challenges.

    His consultancy has worked with companies ranging from FedEx, Boeing and NBC Universal to Microsoft, Pfizer and Siemens, focusing on how companies can think about the future in useful ways.

    Rogers earned degrees in Physics and Creative Writing at Stanford University, with additional studies in finance and management at the Stanford Business School Executive Program.

    Michael Rogers began his career as a writer for Rolling Stone magazine. He co-founded Outside magazine and then launched Newsweek’s technology column, winning numerous journalism awards. For ten years he was vice president of The Washington Post Company’s new media division, leading both the newspaper and Newsweek into the new century and earning patents for multimedia technology. He is also a bestselling novelist whose books have been published worldwide, chosen for the Book-of-the-Month club and optioned for film.

    Michael is a dynamic speaker who delivers an entertaining and common-sense vision of change for business and individuals, blending technology, economics, demographics, culture and human nature.

    He lives in New York City and is currently working on book and television projects.


Seminars & Case Studies
Seminars & Case Studies
  • The Allstate Story: How Allstate leverages employees to drive a Culture of Engagement - Case Study

    Michael, Ambassador Lead - Culture Transformation, Allstate

    Join us for a case study of how Allstate engages employees as a Cultural enabler to improve reputation and drive business results.

    We will share the journey, milestones, framework and metrics.

    In 2005, after a series of catastrophes ripped through the Gulf Coast, Allstate was the fi...


    Sssion Title Coming Soon!

    Susan Moss, Executive Consultant, Talent Management, Cardinal Health

    Session Description Coming Soon!

    About Susan:

    Susan Moss is a Talent Management Sr. Consultant at Cardinal Health, a Fortune 21 ranked global organization with more than 40,000 employees. Susan oversees the execution of the strategy and coordination of ...


  • The Five Question Leader: How Your Leaders Can Coach in 10 Minutes or Less

    Michael Bungay Stanier, SVP, Senior Partner, Box of Crayons

    Coaching is a foundational skill for your managers and leaders. But it’s not easy to help them change their behavior, so they stay curious for a little longer and rush to action and advice-giving a little slower.

    Why’s it so hard?

    There are three reasons why your manag...


Discussion Groups
Discussion Groups
  • A Holistic Approach to Development: Factoring Horizontal & Vertical Growth * *

    Sherryl Dimitry, Ph.D., Director of Talent Development, Skanska USA

    Open Discussion Group Learning Objectives
    1. Understand the current research on psychological and cognitive development and consider the impacts on traditional approaches to training and development
    2. Differentiate “horizontal” and “vertical” development in order to in...

    Revamping Performance Management **

    Laura Strausberg , Director, Organizational Effectiveness, Asurion Corp.

    Open Discussion Group Learning Objectives:
    1. Discuss issues and processes around performance management
    2. Share what’s working - and what’s not - with your peers
    3. Brainstorm solutions for a new model of performance management

    This open discussion w...

  • Analytics for Learning and Talent Executives**

    Sylvia Mahlebjian, Head, Global Learning Design and NA L & OD, Sapient Corporation

    Open Discussion Group Learning Objectives:
    1. Discuss with your peers methodologies to collect and analyze data
    2. Determine how to telling a compelling story using talent analytics
    2. Learn how other companies are tying data to strategic business outcomes

2017 Confirmed Speakers
2017 Confirmed Speakers
  • 2017 Confirmed Speakers

    We are Pleased to Announce our 2017 Distinguished Speaker Faculty.

    2017 Speakers Confirmed as of March 23, 2017 *:

    Michael Rogers, Keynote Presenter, Futurist, Author and Technology Pioneer

    Michael Hahn, Ambassador Lead, Employee Engagement and Author, Allstate

    Susan Moss, Executive Consultant, Talent Management, Cardinal Health

    Sam Worobec, Head of Training, Chipolte Mexican Grill, Inc.

    Michael Bungay Stanier, SVP, Senior Partner, Box of Crayons

    Jean-Philippe (JP) Mula, Vice President Learning & Quality, Charter Communications

    *as of April 27, 2017. Program under development and subject to change without notice. If you are interested in submitting for speaking participation, contact: Cheryl Fallick at or 212.651.8736


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